At the Lowly Gallery with Charlie Bowtell

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16th June, 2020. Standing alone within a gallery on the Gold Coast, reading quotes on a white wall - we arrived to meet the hypnotising, Charlie Bowtell.

Entering with the solitary intention to capture aesthetic moments with the first four canvases of our range, we instead found ourselves enraptured by a deeper conversation. As Kevin Bar, (Moonboy Entertainment) organised the vast array of lighting, & Jacob Lee (Founder), dusted & straightened each piece, we began deliberating what it was that made us feel as though these canvases were worthy to hang upon your wall.

From the thoughts of Jacob Lee, lyricist & poet. An artist who’s entire creative endeavour rests upon the impacting of others, it quickly became evident that these prints were merely another avenue to encourage a perspective shift. A concisely meaningful, yet minimalistic take on words often overlooked. Words which, read under the right mentality, remind us that perspective, optimism, eloquence, empathy & common sense are but five essential elements to the healthy functioning of mind, body & soul.

As conversation ensued, we arrived at the conclusion that authors, poets, & writers in general, tend to overcomplicate simple philosophies - which sadly neglect those who desire a more simple answer to life. We looked upon the words of our prints, intentionally unprofound, yet within them still a level of unspoken depth. Subtle phrases that, if consumed daily, lend an additional percentage to the readers ambition. To their aspiration. Their personal evolution. Quotes that not only transform an environment into an optimised working space, but compliment the decor. Artwork that not only encourages you to embody your highest potential, but assist those in your circle to do the same.

As we stood at our debut photoshoot, showing Charlie the wheels & cogs behind our brand. We ourselves grew a deeper understanding of our designs. We acquired a much more elaborate view of why it is we decided to launch such a movement. There, in that gallery, we recognised more than ever, that intricate & simplistic reminders really do work wonders for productivity & accountability, & we began to grasp just how lucky we are to be but a piece in the advancement of so many individuals out there.

Watching Charlie Bowtell, the very definition of elegance, walk by our words that day, we discovered that elegance & eloquence, truly do sit at the same dinner table. Sophistication, & a comprehensive grasp on language tend to go hand in hand - & through proper training of the psyche, one can become the embodiment of both. A civilised, capable & apt human being.

- LL

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