Our Purpose

Lowly Lyricist was launched with two visions in mind. 

  1. Share meaningful, minimalistic messages through the highest quality products.
    1. Improve the development & livelihood of underprivileged children in third-world countries. 


    If you'd like to sponsor a child directly, click here.

    Despite the vast-array of wealth in our world, there are still 663 million children living in households that are multidimensionally impoverished. 365 million of those are experiencing extreme deprivation, with no roof over their head at all. If we're to be blatantly honest - that's insane.

    Before the chaos that is 2020, (as we coincidentally & unknowingly whipped up our first batch of masks). We asked ourselves - how could we possibly develop a business which allowed us to run at a profit, whilst still giving to causes we care about? Would it be feasible to develop products that scratch our itch for quaint design? Or should we develop simple items tailored to a broader demographic? Would we be able to give back enough of a percentage to make supporting a cause worthwhile? Were our goals too ambitious? Were they not ambitious enough? What day is it?

    Questions swirled - though luckily answers weren't far behind.

    Without the man-power to develop our own cause/orphanage or charity (yet). We began researching causes that not only would resonate with us, but you as well. Our founder, Jacob Lee, would often narrate stories from his trips to the slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Expressing how the living conditions are far worse than any report from most modern media outlets, & unfortunately, despite the valiant efforts of countless charities - supplies, food, clean water & adequate shelter are still dangerously scarce. 

    That information right there was enough for us. We set ourselves the task to uncover the most legitimate, trust-worthy, certified organisation to partner with, donating a % of all profits to fight against the injustice of governments who neglect their lower-class. It didn't take us long to find. Compassion Australia - headquartered in Newcastle, NSW, seemingly reared its head as though they were waiting for us. We researched them, contacted them, told them our goal, & partnered with them right then & there on the phone.

    1,000 child sponsorships by the December 25th, 2021. 

    With your help, by Christmas 2021, we will be directly impacting the lives of 1,000 children living in poverty in places like Kenya, Peru, Sri Lanka, Togo, Bolivia, & more. Compassion Australia is an international holistic child development organisation which releases children from poverty in 25 developing countries. They have local staff on ground, allowing their communities access to supplies, education & nutrition. They care for those who have no means to do it themselves. No child is left out. No human is left behind. 

    At Lowly Lyricist we've done the math, & have developed a method which allows us to extract a % of the profits from your order & funnel it into a fund dedicated to sponsoring as many children as we physically can. We will sponsor children at $48 a month, (sometimes $60 a month if required), until they're old enough to care for themselves, or are no longer involved in the program. By purchasing a canvas, or apparel item, you'll be helping us provide:

      • Medical & dental check-ups
      • Nutritious meals
      • Hygiene training 
      • Clean water
      • Vaccinations
      • Educational facilities
      • Computer access
      • Tuition
      • School supplies
      • Skills training
      • Guidance & love
      • Extracurricular activities such as sport, field trips, music and computer training


    At Lowly, we work on a threshold basis - Every $2,500 (NET) that passes through our store will result in one more sponsored child. Each child will be supported the entire length of their development into adulthood. Their first name, age & image will be passed onto you via our monthly newsletter, though no private details will ever be shared. Every customer will be notified once a new child is sponsored, & you'll be able to feel pride, in that you've assisted in the development & future of a child’s life.

    Lowly Lyricists very own sponsorship link, click here.
    To learn more about Compassion International, click here.

    - LL


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    icon-aeroplane Free shipping on orders over $100
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