The Writers Condition

When a writer writes, he paints a picture of himself that may not exist in the real world. Whether sheltered under the coat of a fictional character, personified through an inanimate object, or documented in an autobiographical sense. A writer would be remiss to say there is no part of himself administered unto his text. Like a flare illuminating a thoroughfare in moments of disarray, the stories of this 'half-fictional' character act as a compass for the writer’s personal navigation. He studies the actions, reactions & thoughts of this desired persona, & considers each story yet another beacon lit toward his own personal development. Now, you might say, well, the guidance acquired from this fabricated personality still emerged from the writer’s hand - How could he possibly learn from himself in such a way? …Because every venture, plight & predicament still required a solution. Every statement & response required a crafting of eloquence & poise. Each fleeting opportunity would have departed without a capable individual skilled enough to reign it home. Through each & every story, the writer & his character, originally separated by oceans, slowly bridge the gap & become one. The writer eventually realising that all he ever needed from himself, was himself, & nothing more.

The Lowly Lyricist is one such figure. A metaphoric materialisation to whom desires deeply to be more than he is. An individual who conveys his ideal self through the crafting of words, an excited imagination & a perspective some might consider rare. As we’ve already established, the Lowly Lyricist doesn’t actually exist. He most likely never will. Though, in this day & age, he doesn't need to. Nowadays, the symbolism & purpose behind a certain idea tends to have just as much spirit as the individual behind it, which means the Lowly Lyricist, despite his non-existence, has just as much ability to make an impact as anyone else.

If we at Lowly have learned anything throughout our days as artists, entrepreneurs & writers, it's that words hold far more weight than we tend to realise. Sentences, paragraphs, short stories, & novels are catalysts for growth, & we're here to celebrate that. If you are here, reading this, you've discovered a mere snippet of we'll be doing with the Lowly Lyricist. Here, you will find quotes, poetry, imagery & ideas that have left a lasting mark on us. A mark deep enough to inspire us to share it with you.
We are oh so grateful for your appearance here, & are indebted to you for your love of literature. We look forward to seeing our concise, meaningful messages hanging from your home, workplace or studio. We hope they add the subtle push you need to keep you moving toward your potential.
& of course, thank you for helping us prove that the pen truly is far, far mightier than the sword.